Paris for UK Local Government document production

Control the production of your general UKLG communications

Paris is the leading solution for the design, generation and delivery of UKLG communications.

Document creation, enhancement & automation

As an example, most UK local authorities will generally use Capita, Northgate, or Civica software applications to manage their core business functions in Revenue and Benefits. All three of these applications have very sophisticated capabilities in assisting an authority to streamline, automate, and reduce costs of their operations. One area that is often overlooked however, is the importance and critical nature of the documents and communications that are produced from these systems and how they are delivered to their recipients.  XLPrint Software has a specialist suite of solutions that addresses these particular needs.

For over 25 years, XLPrint Software has been offering local authorities all over the UK, as well as throughout the world, a unique set of tools that allow authorities to enhance the quality of communications, enable electronic delivery, and streamline document-related processes such as mail consolidation, faster payment through Paypoint or Allpay barcodes, and removal of costly printing processes such as the use of pre-printed forms.

XLPrint Software’s PARIS suite of products is intended for the in-house user who wants to retain control of the design, enhancement, management, and delivery methods for their council communications. Being independent of the software application it is working with, and the output/delivery channel preferred, PARIS becomes a very powerful tool for service managers, IT managers, and Finance Managers to meet the demands of both internal and external stakeholders.

The process is simple – council communications (such as council tax bills, housing and development letters) are created the exact same way as they are today. Either annually or on an ad-hoc basis, documents will be printed directly from the host application – e.g. Civica, Northgate, or Capita. However, instead of printing to a printer loaded with pre-printed forms, PARIS will intercept, apply a newly designed, enhanced, dynamic template which can then be sent to the same printer, any other network printer, or even an outsourcer’s printer. What gets better is that PARIS can also dynamically send any communication to a recipient via email, fax, self-service portals, and any other document management system (where recipients can be sent a notification to come and collect via a URL).