Paris in the Housing sector

XLPrint Software exploring the housing sector

Reduce costs, remove pain and add value to all aspects of your outgoing housing communications

XLPrint Software are an established software and services provider with 650+ customers across EMEA. In the UK they support a variety of industries, including around 1/3 of UK local government organisations and they are now testing demand for their solutions within the housing sector. You may have seen XLPrint Software exhibiting at the NHF Housing Finance and IT in Housing events.

XLPrint Software provide software and services to add value to outgoing correspondence, without changing core systems. Their tagline “Communication transformation + Automated e-delivery + Self-funded mail savings + Fulfilment flexibility + Retained control” neatly summarises what they do, essentially tools to automate the intelligent creation (enhancement, personalisation), consolidation and distribution (including archival) of transactional documents and correspondence.

Their documents are ‘data driven’ so the format and content can be created in a way that makes them specifically relevant to the recipient – this helps drive positive outcomes in the most efficient way possible e.g. you no longer need to produce and send a DD mandate to your existing DD payers, you no longer need to buy in expensive pre-printed stationery. The toolset includes added value features that can drive efficiencies in surrounding workflow processes as well, such as capabilities for inclusion of barcoding and OMR marking and tools for automated electronic delivery.

The company continues to see demand for their solutions for adding a layer of governance to outgoing communications, this helps eliminate ad-hoc uncontrolled content that is sometimes created ‘on the fly’.

XLPrint have recently launched the 2nd generation of their mail consolidation solution, PARIS Mail, which is now offered on a unique shared reward basis making it self-funding and financially risk free. This is a software solution providing merge and sort capabilities so that created correspondence can be produced in a way that allows multiple items destined for the same recipient to fill a single envelope – e.g. merging rent statements for houses with rent statements for garages. We all know mail volumes are variable, but interestingly, initial work they have undertaken with housing providers allows them to project an annual mail saving to the tune of 22% regardless of how printing, packing and mailing is done.